May 16, 2008

Check back June 8th!

So, I'm not going to hit this up too much until my training starts on June 8th. Between now and then I have a lot of living to do before my life is sacrificed to the marathon. I'm very excited about this new challenge and after three half-marathons, I need to prove to myself that I can do this! My friend Maria will be running with me as well, so you may see her name pop up a time or two as well. Three more weeks until training begins - I think I have a beer or two that need to be consumed in the meantime!

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MamaMiller said...

Okay, so I JUST found this and am excited to see at least a pic of you since it has been so long!! Good luck on that training... drink a beer for me in the mean time. :)
Let me know if you are ever G-burg, we're not that far away :)