Jun 29, 2008

I'm a terrible blogger!

Ok, it's official! I'm not a very good blogger. It's been a CRAZY couple of weeks with the wedding and then trying to catch up from the wedding, so the blog fell to the wayside.

Here's the training update. Last weekend was a mess, so I didn't get my run in on Friday or Sunday. I could have really used it too! My sister had a beautiful wedding - but I think my mom, sister and I are all glad we're done with it! I did pick things back on up Tuesday and have been on track since. This morning, I ran 8 miles throughout Midtown Atlanta. Atlanta is one hilly city, so it was a rough 8 miles, but it was great! Tina and I ran two miles and then met up with a pre-Peachtree Road Race running group for another 6.2. The run was sponsored by Mizuno and local running store, Phiddipidies, so there were water stops throughout the course and snack and beverages (some people were able to drink beer - I'm not that good) at the end. It was a great group to be running with. Despite the hills and falling on some cracked sidewalk (my coordination in general could have been better today), it was a good run.

This morning's run made me a bit nervous for the Peachtree Road Race on Friday though. The Peachtree is my very favorite running event - with lots of people cheering along the way and a lot of crazy people running it. However, this year's finish had to be changed because of the drought here in Georgia. The race normally ends in Piedmont Park, but this year has to end at the Civic Center. Well, the new end has also added some new hills. In addition to "heart attack hill" by Piedmont Hospital, Juniper St. goes straight uphill for the finish. It could be a tough last half mile or so. This morning we ran the new finish in reverse, so at least I got to run it downhill once!

I'm off to the beach in the morning. I will run 2 miles at Hilton Head on Tuesday and 4 on Wednesday. I'll likely take Thursday off to gear up for a stressful 6.2 on Friday. Have a great week!

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