Jun 15, 2008

Long Run #1

I was up bright and early this morning for a 6.2 mile run at the Chattahoochee River! It was a great morning run and my first run with Tina, my new running "mentor" as I train for the race. When I ran the Memphis half marathon last fall, I trained with a team that Tina led. It was great to have the accountability and an expert helping me along the way. Not many people are crazy enough to train for a marathon during the summer in Atlanta, so unfortunately there aren't any groups training right now. Tina, who works for the Atlanta Track Club, offered to help me train for Chicago and will be running with me once a week through October. It's so nice to have her guidance and this morning she definitely pushed my speed a bit. We weren't breaking any records, but it was definitely faster than I would have run on my own. It's always nice to have some company too.

Anyway, I felt pretty good along the run. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about 6.2 right now since I've taken a couple of weeks off from running before Tuesday, but I really wasn't struggling. Next weekend I need to get a 7 mile run in at some point around all of the festivities of my sister's wedding. I'm not really sure how that's going to work out, but I'll get there! Luckily, Illinois is a little more runner-friendly than it is here (temperature-wise, at least!).

Tomorrow I need to get some weight training in, but with an overnight trip to Memphis, that could be tough. I think it's going to be an early morning (I think I need to break down and just get used to it) to fit it all in!

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lindsey said...

Where along the Chattahoochee did you run?