Jun 13, 2008

Treadmill time

I max out on the treadmill (from boredom) at about 5 miles, but tonight it my tolerance was even lower. I found myself staring down the the clock and mileage waiting to be done...but I made it. It doesn't help that my iPod died part-way through the workout. I did get my usual 30 minute Friday abs class in and then ran 3 miles.

Tomorrow is a rest day and then Sunday I'll be running at the Chattahoochee trail at 7 a.m. Sunday's run is 6 miles. Have a great weekend!


kristin said...

I'm not even sure how I stumbled across your blog..but I'm training for my first marathon, too...I'm doing Des Moines, Iowa (if Iowa's still here) OCt 19th. Perhaps we shall encourage each other?? I don't officially have to start training til the 26th of this month..but I just ran a half marathon..maybe that's why? anyways....I guess it might be freaky that I'm commenting to you when I don't even know you..guess that might creep me out..sorry! I'm normal, i think:)
happy running!

Laura said...

Hey, Kristen! Good luck with your training! Hopefully my blog can offer a little motivation!