Jul 22, 2008

Still going...

Sunday's run was FANTASTIC! When I started running on Sunday morning (in ATL on the Chattahoochee), it was almost cold! I needed a long sleeve when I started. Of course that soon ended, but it was great. On top of the great weather, I recently purchased an iPod shuffle that made my run better too. I love my regular iPod, but I don't like having it on my arm when I run for a long time. The new toy and a new playlist were fantastic! I don't like running races next to people with iPods, but I know it will be really nice to have about 15-20 miles into the race - so the shuffle will be nice to stick in my pocket when I need a little boost in October (although I promise to keep the volume low enough so I can hear people around me!). Sunday's run was probably the easiest 10 miles of my life - it was great!

Today was massage day! During my training for my second half marathon I discovered the amazing world of sports massage. Last October the doctor told me he was 95% sure I had a stress fracture. He was so sure, he put me in a boot before my bone scan. Well, turns out I didn't have a stress fracture, just some crazy muscle stuff going on in my shin. Tony, the massage therapist he recommended, worked wonders! It's extremely painful, but well worth it. Now I go back to him once I get above about 8 mile long runs. Today was my first massage for this race and I'll go about every 3 weeks from now on. It's a huge help.

Tomorrow I need to run 5 miles. I'm dipping into the world of running skirts tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. I'm headed to Richmond, VA for a couple of days for work and then will be back in town Saturday night and my long run on Sunday. I'm home almost two whole weeks before I hit the road again!

Oh yeah - the wedding this past weekend was beautiful! Holly and Brian didn't leave anything out, it was just perfect! Here's a great pic of Holly and I at the reception.

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