Jul 30, 2008

Lovin' Sundays!

Sunday's run was a little bit rough. After not a lot of sleep on Saturday night (thanks to a lost bag on my way back from Richmond), I was just struggling. Eventually I made it through the 11 miles - but definitely had to stop a couple of times, which I don't enjoy doing. I also rolled into church just in time for the service to begin - after putting my makeup on in the car - oops! I love my new Sunday morning routine though! A nice long run that exhausts me and then a little praise and worship to follow. Church, of course, is followed by lunch with friends and then a very long nap!

This week my schedule added a 2 mile run on Mondays, so no more class with Keith. I love the class, but it definitely doesn't allow me to recover at all. I'm going to try to hit up camp on Thursday mornings at the park, so hopefully I can keep that up with the training schedule.

No travel this week! As much as I love running in new places and racking up the frequent flyer miles, it's definitely good to be sleeping in my own bed for a bit and have a nice schedule. It's also been good to catch up with a few people that I haven't seen all summer.

Off for my 5 mile run!

P.S. - I learned from Tina this week that chocolate milk is a great recovery drink! Who knew?! What a great excuse to feel like I'm 7 again!

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MamaMiller said...

7? I drink that at 26! D