Aug 31, 2008

Catching up!

No post from me last week - sorry! I had a very frustrating run last Saturday (15 miles) and wasn't sure I could keep up! Yes, the thought of quitting crossed my mind, but I'm determined to cross that finish line. Last week, my first 13 miles were good (well, it's relative - I was running 13 miles) and then the last 2 miles I was not sure I'd finish. I ended up walking the last two miles, and I was very frustrated with myself. I changed my route and only had water at the 7 mile mark. Not smart. Lesson learned...time to move on.

This week was so much better! I went back to my 3 mile loop route and that's definitely the way for me to go. I ran 8 miles out and back and then finished up my 16 mile run on the 3 mile loop. I was able to get water or gatorade about every 30 minutes that I stashed at the beginning of the route and there are also drinking fountains on the course (kind of gross, but you do what you have to do). Again, I was hurting, but I didn't need to quit like last week, so I gave myself a little high-5 as I finished up and hit the 16 mile mark! I felt like I was in grade school because I had to call my mom to tell her what I did! :)

So, I seem to be back on track. This week I get to drop down to 12 miles for my long run. It couldn't come at a better time! Next Saturday I'll run, pop over to a baby shower and then get on a plane to Chicago for a few days! It's going to be a very busy Saturday, but I need to get my run in before I leave town. There are simply too many people to see and too much to do that I'm afraid I'll skip my run. I tried to recruit my friend Jim to run with me (my best bet for a running buddy in the Windy City), but his response was "it's not going to happen, Laura". I got the message and I'll knock it out before I arrive.

One last thing for anyone that might be actually reading this to learn a little about marathon training (if you are, I'm so sorry!). I've done two things in my training that many training guides seem to gloss over and I'm so thankful they're part of my plans. 1) Upper body strengthening is key! I started adding this after my second half-marathon and have really seen a huge difference. My shoulders used to hurt after awhile with my running and I haven't had that since I added this piece. Even just getting in 20-30 pushups a couple of times a week is a huge help. 2) Buy shoes that are a little too big. Your toenails will thank you (although, mine are still starting to bruise a little bit). I'm up a whole size from what I wore during my first half marathon, I'm not sure how I made it through that race!

Ok, that's it for now! The marathon is 6 weeks from today! I'll try to be a better blogger as the race gets closer.

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Annie said...

Hey Laura! I'm so sorry I missed you while you were in Peoria- between work and watching my niece I lost track of days :( Hopefully I'll get another chance sometime to visit with you! Keep on blogging, you are my motivation to be healthier!