Aug 4, 2008

A little motivation and a short break

Yesterday's run was fantastic! I think I'm golden as long as I have water available on a regular basis - which I did not last week. I ran a 3 mile loop 4 times. I know it sounds boring, but it was great knowing I had a water stop every three miles! Tony, my massage therapist, was also running at the river on Sunday - so we ran together a bit at the end.

I found out tonight that my friend Lindsey will hopefully be in Chicago the weekend of the marathon! Linds has been at the last two Georgia half-marathons I've run and come fully equipped with fun signs! I'm so glad she's working on heading to Chicago! It will be great to have her support.

This week I get a little break from running. I'm kind of bummed, but at the same time two days off will be very nice. I have a few stitches in my shin after the dermatologist found a funky mole, so I need to give it some time to heal. Not the way I recommend getting a break from running - but I'll take it! I tried to get them to put it off until October, but no dice. I'll get back into the swing of things on Thursday.

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Annie said...

Hey Laura- I've been reading about your running odessy- I'm jealous of your motivation and accomplishments! Just thought I would say hi! Annie