Aug 13, 2008

Lots going on!

There seems to be a lot going on with my training and the miles are really starting to add up. I ran 13 miles on Sunday - just about a half-marathon (the walk back to my car was probably the last .1 miles). I felt pretty good, but definitely had my ups and downs. A few thoughts....

blisters = new shoes
I've some some pretty killer blisters over the past couple of weeks. I thought I needed new inserts for my shoes, but that didn't seem to help. In fact, I had blisters forming about 2 miles in, so I ditched the inserts completely in my right shoe for the rest of my run on Sunday. I think it's time for some new shoes. I didn't think I had enough miles on my shoes (you're supposed to change shoes about every 300 miles), but when I actually did the math it looks like it's time. I've been pretty loyal to my Brooks, but I think I'm going to go get fitted again and see what other suggestions the running store has. I don't think the Brooks will get me through 26 miles with minimal blisters.

Somehow, Atlanta has seen some really tame weather the past week. Sunday's run was amazing - I even ran the first three miles with a long sleeved shirt on. Today, the high is 80 degrees. I'm really looking forward to running tonight!

Power songs
I'm finding myself very addicted to my iPod lately. A conversation last week with some friends revealed that several of my friends consider Low by Flo Rida to be their power song of choice! This caught me a little off guard, yet really funny. Anyway, I'm sort of over Low and need some new power songs to download...please let me know if you have any suggestions!

The next couple of days will be crazy with my running. Tomorrow is a massage day, so I get the day off (although my massages hurt really bad, so it doesn't seem like a day off). This weekend I'm headed to northern Michigan for yet another wedding, so I don't think my long run on Sunday will happen. I think I'm looking at a run on Monday. This one will be a milestone - this is the first time I've ever run more than 13 miles! I am really looking forward to a couple of shorter runs though - northern Michigan is just beautiful and I'm sure the weather will be outstanding!

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