Sep 2, 2008

Ice bath, seriously?

Today I went to see Tony - my massage therapist that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love him because I feel so much better after a session with him...but it follows the hate I feel for him during the actual session. Sports massage=not fun and super painful! However, it's pretty necessary for me.

Anyway, my IT band has been pretty tight for awhile. The IT band runs from outside of the knee and up to the butt. It's a pretty important muscle and one that really hurts when it's strained. I've been trying to work it out with stretches and a foam roller, but today Tony recommended an ice bath.

Now I've read about ice baths in Runners World and pretty much every serious runner does it. But I have to ask myself, how serious am I? As if running 10+ miles on a Saturday isn't brutal enough, now I have to freeze myself?

For now I'm going to stick with icing my knees and hips - but we'll see if I get to the point of an ice bath. If I didn't totally trust Tony and if he hadn't been recommended by my doctor, I wouldn't consider it...but he's been a lifesaver! I'll keep you posted...

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Annie said...

I just got a mental picture of you icing your butt :) I can only say, if you go for it then you can only be described as one SERIOUS runner! You are awesome!