Sep 13, 2008

So much to say...

...but so much that I shouldn't! Let's just say that marathon training is hard and no one ever tells you specifics about marathon training. I always heard "you'll never believe what your body can do" or "you never know what you body will do". Well, I'm solidly in both camps and will spare you the details. I discovered one more great use for this blog - reminding me the trials of training - not to be overshadowed by the adrenaline of race day.

Anyway, today's 18 miler was great (for running 18 miles)! Maria and I ran together for the 5 miles and then she took off. Thanks to coaching track last spring, Maria's got some speed under her belt. I wonder if I can practice with the Lovett Lions this spring to shave off some time? Our half marathon times are pretty similar, but she should easily break 2 hours now. It was great to have her along for awhile though!

I got home and had my first ice bath. Thank you to my sister who sat on the phone with me for most of it! It was a little miserable, but I think worthwhile. Picture me sitting in the tub with a bathing suit bottom and a sweatshirt - it was quite a site! As proof, I too this picture. If you look really closely, you can see my very dirty legs and feet from running on the trail. This was toward the end - I swear there was more ice when I started!

ONE MORE LONG RUN!!!! There's a long 20 mile run standing between me and the Chicago marathon! After today, I feel like I can do it!

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