Oct 3, 2008

At a solid 95%

Finally! I got a good workout in today and am finally feeling human! I still have a little cough, but i can deal with that. I went to abs and kickboxing today and did pretty good. My body hasn't done a kickboxing workout in months, so that was harder than having a little cough. Keith kicks my butt, so if I can make it through 90 minutes with him, I think I'm good for an 8 miler tomorrow! Hooray!

The marathon is 8 days and 12 hours from now (there's a ticker on chicagomarathon.com) and I'm starting to get very excited! The host hotel must have released some rooms today, because my mom and I were able to get in for the whole weekend. We had a pretty good hotel before, but it will be really nice to be across the street. Next weekend I get to spend in my very favorite city, spend some much-needed time with my mom and run the marathon! Is it too much to ask for the White Sox to make it to the next round of the playoffs and then play at home next weekend? I don't want to push my luck!

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