Mar 22, 2009

Apartment hunting

Well, my first crack at apartment hunting was a total failure. Mostly this failure was due to only having about an hour to look - but still! A friend used to live in a building right in Broad Ripple in Indy. The price and location could not be more perfect for me. However, the actual building was not on my side. Working from home, having a great space is really important to me. The building was just very cold and dated and I can't do it. I think the plan now is to find a townhouse or some kind of rental property in Indy. There just aren't a lot of great apartments in the area I want to live in. Hopefully a cute rental space will show up. I'm planning to make a trip early May to find something. If you have any leads - let me know!

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Meggie said...

Hey Laura! You are moving to Indy!? I live here now and have for the past 5 years so if there is any info I can give, let me know! Congrats on your half!!!