Mar 8, 2009

Blogging?! What's that?!

Ok, so it's been so long since I blogged that when I started to type in the URL, it didn't even pop up in my internet history. That is oh so sad. I love to blog - why do I not do this more?

So there's lots and lots going on. I finally have a little direction in my life - but you'll have to deal with no direction on my blog. I've decided that "1 Mile at a Time" can really apply to oh so many things in my little corner of the world.

Here's the big news: I'M MOVING TO INDY!!! I'm so thrilled and I cannot wait to be back in the Midwest! I can drive home for holidays, go to Valpo Homecoming, see the leaves change colors, be close to my friends that I miss dearly and so many other glorious things. Of course there are some fabulous things I'll miss about Atlanta (friends, CHURCH, weather), but this change has been on my heart for a really long time and the stars are aligned for me to take the plunge. I'm going to be able to stay with Omega and hopefully work to strengthen some of our relationships with fraternity and sorority foundations in Indy. There are a TON of greek headquarters there, so it will be nice to be so close. It'll also be a great opportunity for me attend lots of fundraising seminars, workshops. etc. because so much research in my field is done at IU and IUPUI.

I plan to be a Hoosier around June 1!

As if a new city weren't enough excitement for one summer, I've also decided to train for the Marine Corps marathon in DC in October! My friend Maria really wants to do it and I love DC, so it will be perfect. I've been searching for apartments near the Monon Trail in Indy so I'll be able to train pretty easily. There's a running group in Indy that starts training in June for all fall marathons, so I'm sure I'll find people that will be training for DC too. Right now I'm running and lifting a lot to hopefully drop some pounds and get stronger before I start training in June.

Well, the countdown to Indiana is on. I have 3 big sites to see in Atlanta before I move: visit the MLK Center, take in the Stone Mountain Laser Show and go to the Cyclorama. I'm putting these things on my calendar now so I'll actually get them done! I PROMISE to blog more with all of the fun changes. I really, really like doing this - I need to remind myself! :)

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The Story of the Murphys said...

Congrats Laura! I have friends in Indy and they all love it! Good for you on running again. Meggie Huels and her husband live in Indy and they are training for a marathon right now I think. Maybe you will run into them on a trail! :)