Mar 30, 2009

Half Marathon #4!

Yesterday I ran half marathon #4! I really do love half marathons! It's long enough that you have to train to a certain degree (although I didn't train nearly enough), but not so much that you have to give up your life. This race was the ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon and I've run it since it started three years ago.

I THINK yesterday's time was a few minutes faster than last year. No one received time updates on me while I ran, so I'm a little worried that my timing chip didn't work. Hopefully when they post the results later today I'll be listed. My longest training run was 8 miles, so I'm definitely paying for that today. I'm pretty sore, but hope to get in the pool later today at the gym and work that out a little bit. I worked some of it out at yoga yesterday afternoon too.

Registration for the Marine Corps Marathon is Wednesday! I'm still reminding myself that this is a good idea....

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