Mar 16, 2009

I'm pretty sure June 1st will be here way too soon!

Well, the moving chaos has officially started. While I don't have a place to live in Indy yet (I'm headed there Wednesday and Thursday and hope the place I think will work will work), I've been working on movers. Since I'm moving the last weekend in May, things are already booking up and prices will go up soon for movers. Talk about the biggest pain ever! I've had more phone calls and e-mails about this than anything and people can be so shady. I thought on Saturday I was going to have to report a shady mover to authorities - but I now think they're just flaky. Regardless, I will not be hiring them. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon!

As I said, I'm headed for Indy on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm so excited to be up there for a 24 hours! I have 1 - maybe 2 - place to look at on Thursday morning and then I'm in meetings the rest of the time for work. Thursday night I fly back to Atlanta with my friend Melissa who is coming for a quick visit. Saturday-Monday I'm headed to Orlando for my former roomate's, Dayna, wedding. It should be a fun weekend with my FSU girls! All of this is making me realize that time is FLYING by and June 1st will be here before I know. So much to do!


meredith said...

I used AFB, or (the carton, not the truck) on my cross country move a few years ago! I loved them - if you can recruit enough friends to help you pack everything up! It was FLAWLESS, and the company was so professional and trustworthy!

Laura said...

Mer! Thank you so much! I actually have a contract with them, but have been contemplating a full service move too. That makes me feel so much better about AFB though! The location of my apartment kind of sucks, so I'll probably hire movers for the big stuff (why did I buy a sleeper sofa?!), but I think loading the boxes and stuff I can recruit for. Thanks for making me feel better about them!