Apr 19, 2009

Am I excited?

I keep getting asked if I'm excited about the upcoming move. I never know what to say! To my Atlanta friends, I feel like I can't tell them that I'm ready to get out of here. To my Indy friends, I can't really say yes either - because I have no idea where I'm going to be living in 6 weeks. Overall, I think I'm pretty ambivalent about the whole thing right now. I am ready for something new and for a change, but there is always that stress of wondering if it's the right decision, finding a place to live and thinking about actually packing up and moving - and it's getting to me! I've come to realize that I'm someone that can live just about anywhere and create happiness. I've definitely done that in Atlanta, but I'm so ready to be closer to my family and lifelong friends. I keep reminding myself that it's going to be worth it when I finally get to Indy and settle in, but it's very, very daunting at the moment and I'm struggling to muster up some excitement!

On a different front, I seem to have strained my quad and need to take a running break. I'm hoping it doesn't mean a "no working out" break because I need the stress relief. I'm going to see Tony, the crazy massage therapist, tomorrow and hopefully he can work it out a bit and give me some advice. Saving a trip to a physical therapist would be awesome! I'm planning on some extra time in the pool and maybe the elliptical will help out too. We'll see - but running is out of the question for the next week or so.

I'll shoot for a more optimistic post in the next couple of days!

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