Apr 11, 2009

Happy Easter (a little early)

I'm blogging today to wish you a very Happy Easter! I know I'm a day early, but tomorrow I plan to Facebook pretty much all day. Why? Because I haven't checked Facebook since Ash Wednesday! Yes, 6 weeks of no FB. Yikes! It's been really, really good though. I still get e-mails notifying me of any pictures or messages meant for me, so I haven't been totally cut off. I do feel like there are several people I need to catch up with and get updated on though. I'm anxious to get pictures posted and delete some too (i.e. - a certain relationship I'd rather forget about....uggg).

I'll be celebrating Easter with some fab friends at church and then out to brunch. The weather is supposed to be awesome, so I'm hoping we'll end up with an outside table! I'd also love to get a bike ride in (I'm officially sprint triathon-ing in July by the way!). My Easter will end with an outting to the Drag Races - and not that kind of drag racing, the other kind. Yes, drag queens participating in various olympic events!! Reagan's boss, Tony (a.k.a. Wild Cherry Sucret) coordinates this highly creative event every year and I'm pumped to go! I realize it's an interesting way to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead - but it should be fun regardless.

So, Happy Easter! My Easter should be a great one!

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