May 24, 2009

Things I WON'T miss about Atlanta: Part I

Working from home, I'm a Kinkos regular. While having a nice business quality copy machine would be awesome to have, it's just not at all practical, so I have to rely on Kinkos for a lot of things. I love being able to upload projects online and an hour or two later be able to pick it up. I even gave a presentation at a staff retreat about how to effectively use Kinkos online (dorky, I know).

All that being said, the Kinkos up the street from me is THE WORST KINKOS IN AMERICA! Believe, I've been to a lot of Kinkos and this one just sucks. They mess things up all of the time. Yesterday I sent some postcards to them to be printed and cut. I get there this morning and the front and back are in two different directions. Really?! Why would you not notice that?

I'm so ready to not deal with their suckiness. Hopefully my friendly neighborhood Kinkos will be much better in Indy.

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