May 4, 2009

Things I'll Miss About Atlanta: Part II

Today I canceled my gym membership. How sad?! I love my gym and it has some of the BEST people watching EVER! It could be the most random crowd I've ever seen. There's the man with the Under Armor spandex shorts (ok, probably underwear) and a polo shirt, the man I saw carrying his little dog in a bag around the gym and there's the terrible trainer who is always showing her clients poor workout moves. Along with these fine folks, a lot of the pro athletes in town work out there in the off season and a lot of the hip hop crowd too (not that I would recognize anyone - but my friend Kyle did talk to Nelly one day). There is a serious cast of characters at my gym, I just love it! Not to mention the great classes and equipment. I'm sure I can replicate that in Indy.

This past weekend was spent in Indy trying to figure out where to live. I cannot wait to get up there finally! I had a great weekend with friends and I know this is the right move for me. I THINK I've found an apartment in a great neighborhood. There's only one 2 bedroom unit left in the building, so hopefully it will be mine by Wednesday. We shall see! Regardless, I have to out of this apartment in 26 days - yikes!

On a totally random note, Fat Tire, my favorite beer, recently made it's way to Indiana! I enjoyed one or two on Saturday with some fabulous friends on a fabulous patio in Broad Ripple. I took a picture of the very cool commemorative label. It's hard to read, but it says, "Happily pedaling into the Hoosier State in 2009." How fitting?!

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