May 6, 2009

Things to keep to yourself

I know I have some mommies that follow my blog. Believe me, I love you all! :) Your children are precious and my life would be so much better if I could hold at least one of them for about five minutes each day (preferably without poop or barf involved - but I know that's asking for a lot). However, I do have a favor to ask. When the next little one comes around, please refrain from posting super specifics about the process in public places - specifically on Facebook*. When I check Facebook at 8 a.m., I do not need to see the words dilated, effaced or any other weird birthing term that has to do with "your business". I'm perfectly happy thinking your little bundle of joy just arrived on your lap!

*Twitter and possibly your blog fall into this category. I'm also not calling out anyone that reads my blog for such actions. I may be more grossed out by it because it seems to be obscure high school and college people that I shouldn't be "friends" with anyway that post such intimate details.


The Story of the Murphys said...

Laura, I like to spare myself from those details, so you are safe with me! :) Glad to hear things seem to be falling into place for your move.

MamaMiller said...

That's awesome Laura. You make me laugh. I agree.