Jun 24, 2009

Chase takes diva to a new level

Several of you have had the privilege of meeting my crazy little eight pound cat, Chase. Chase was abandoned in Hurricane Katrina at about four weeks old and she came to live with me about two weeks after that. Her adoption papers are from the Humane Society of the United States, which I think is totally bizarre.

Going through a traumatic experience at such a young age has made Chase feel a little bit entitled. She's never really known boundaries and feels that everything I own (or eat) is hers to explore. Yes, I should have done a better job training her and probably should have pulled the squirt bottle out on her a time or two more, but she's just so darn cute! I'm pretty sure I could never have a puppy if this is how I am with Chase.

Well, today, Chase took things to a whole new level. Chase loves treats and since she doesn't ever seem to put on weight, I don't feel bad about giving them to her in excess. Earlier I put a few of them on the floor for her and she decided she didn't want them (I wondered what was wrong - this is weird). I left them in the kitchen for her until she was ready. Several hours later and she hadn't touched them. I pointed them out to her (she pays attention, I swear) and she still didn't want anything to do with them. So I picked them up to throw them away. Before they went in the trash, I tossed a couple of the floor again just to see what she would do. She devoured them. Seriously? Is my cat snotty enough that she'll only eat treats that she sees are actually thrown to her? Uggggg......

Her other new discovery is clean laundry. It's entirely possible that I've never folded my clothes when they were fresh out of the dryer before (I'm a busy girl), but Monday she decided to sleep all day on the clean clothes I had just folded on my bed. To make matters worse, she invited Teensie, our guest cat (Teensie's mama is currently in Ireland), to join in on the nap. At least they're cute!

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