Jun 22, 2009

Dear Water Aerobics Class,

I am very respectful of your 6:00 p.m. time slot at the pool at L.A. Fitness. I fully understand that you didn't pick peak gym hours for your class and that you simply show up to get a workout in. I get it. I also understand why the pool is closed to lap swimmers during this time. In fact, on the days you meet, I either rush out of work to get my workout done by 6 or wait until you're done at 7. It's a pain - but I make it work.

In return, I ask that you please wait until your instructor arrives to the pool before you take the lanes out. Besides the fact that you don't work for L.A. Fitness and therefore should not be removing equipment, it's also rude to kick the lap swimmers out any earlier than need be. Chances are, you've never trained for a race of some kind and don't understand that I need to get X number of laps in or swim for X number of minutes to stay on track (I mean, you're taking water aerobics for goodness sake). But let me tell you, I need to finish my workout and I cannot do that if you take over the pool a full 15 minutes before you're supposed to. I'm even okay without the lane lines, but then when you don't stay out of my lane and just hang out there, I can't do what I need to do.

Tonight, I was very polite and asked for just 5 more minutes. You ignored me. Rather than pick a fight, I just got out of the pool. I did speak with the front desk and I highly doubt they'll pass my message on. I'll probably e-mail them as well, just to get my point across. However, next time, I'm fully prepared to ask you stop. I will point at the clock and say, "Hey, you need to wait until at least 5:55."

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


P.S. - And to the very passive-aggressive man looking for a treadmill tonight who yelled, "some people have been on these things forever" - we all heard you and chose to ignore you. Why? Because you were/are an ass. I saw you look at my clock and yeah, that's right, it was only at 20 minutes. Chill out and use the elliptical to warm up, a treadmill will be available shortly.


Meghan said...

I'm so glad "that guy" moved to Indy... he used to work out at my gym... Yeah.. the one with the super hairy arms/back/shoulders who insists on wearing sleeveless tanks... yeah that's him.

Joseph said...

See, this is just another reason that you should have stayed in Atlanta. I bet you didn't even realize that I have a lap pool in the basement. You could be swimming here free - any time of the day or night - because it is certainly not being used by us. No water aerobics going on here!!!

Laura said...

Seriously - there's a pool in your basement?! I can't believe I risked my life at the pool at Crunch (it's sooooooooo shady)!