Jun 28, 2009

Did anyone watch?

Yesterday while I was cleaning and trying to unsuccessfully unpack the last few boxes in my new place, I had on the USA Network. The 40-Year-Old Virgin was on and Steve Correll cracks me up more than any other comedian - so I kept it on in the background.

Well, they kept promoting the movie that would follow - Borat. Really? Borat? How do you possibly tone down Borat enough to show it USA? I changed the channel because one (shameful) viewing of that movie was plenty, but I'm really curious. Did anyone see it? Was it like 45 minutes long?

Marathon training started yesterday! I had a GREAT 8 mile run and was on pace for where I wanted to be (and a far faster pace than training last year). The next two weeks I'm balancing the marathon and triathlon training, which will be interesting. Today I'm shooting for a 30 minute swim and a 60 minute bike ride.

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