Jun 19, 2009

Hello, Indy!

Well, it's been 3 weeks since I packed up and left Georgia. It's been a very bittersweet transition - but I really feel good about this! My friends in the ATL are fantastic and I'm trying (desperately) to keep up with everyone there - but it's so good to be back in a part of the country that is just more, well, me. I can't explain it really, but I'm just not a Southern girl (but I love my friends that are!).

Anyway, the last 3 weeks have been a little insane. I left Atlanta on the 30th to drive up to Lexington, KY to hang out with my mom and my aunt for a night. The Prius was PACKED full of stuff with a bike rack on the back - it was quite a site. On the 31st I made it to Indy and immediately went to my friend Melissa's for a welcoming dinner with the girls (perfect!).

Since then, it's been a whirlwind of unpacking, catching up with friends, trying to figure out Indy geography, new carpet (thank the Lord!), turning 28 (yay!), triathlon training (what was I thinking?!) and a trip to Denver. Needless to say, there are plenty of e-mails and phone calls that have remained unattended to - but I'll get there (sorry if you're reading this and you're one of those people - I will call or e-mail back!). My blog has been left unattended to as well, but I'm back on track.

As I mentioned, I'm right in the middle of triathlon training. I've noticed that my friends here like to hang out at about 6 p.m. - which means I really need to work out in the morning. My bedroom here is so dark that it's very, very easy for me to sleep in - so I'm working on getting up early - but with little success. The triathlon is July 12th, so it's right around the corner. I'm also getting ready to gear up for marathon training starting next week, so I'll have my hands full!

On the running front, my very favorite thing about my new place is the FANTASTIC running spots that are right outside my door. I'm in a great, great neighborhood and one mile to the east is the Monon Trail and one mile north is the Canal Path - both popular running destinations in Indy. I could not be more lucky! I just love it!

Anyway, that's where things stand here. I have several other fun posts started, but need to find some time to finish them - stay tuned! The unpacking should all be done this weekend (if I don't drink too many mimosas with the girls in the morning)!

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