Jul 19, 2009

Thank you, Indiana

It's official - I'm LOVING marathon training!! This is not a phrase I would have ever uttered a year ago, but I'm actually looking forward to running every day. I'm pretty sure 85% of this attitude is due to the weather. It's been so nice out and the temperatures haven't been overly brutal like they were in Georgia. Yesterday, it was 58 degrees when I started running. 58 degrees!

The other 15% of liking the training is confidence. I've been able to improve my speed a ton over the last year and just feel so much more prepared than I did before. I'm actually getting excited about this race! Hopefully a little speed and adding some miles this time around won't end up in an injury - but I really feel great.

Yesterday's long run was 10 miles. I've been running with a local running group the last few weeks, which is also a nice change of pace from last year. It's so great to have someone else take care of my water stops, etc. I seem to have found a running partner, Kelly, in the group who's training for Chicago (hopefully my stories about the nasty heat last year won't defeat her!). She keeps me on pace and it's really nice to have someone to chat with along the way.

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