Aug 10, 2009

A Blog Post That Should Not Be Missed

I'm a bit of an uninspired blogger these days, but my pal Meghan has a killer post today. Pop on over there.

As a Seminole fans, we probably shouldn't make fun of this. The Noles may not have cheesy pictures like the Hokies, but we're easily the lamest "theme" fans on the planet. The black out games from the last couple of years have been less than stellar. So poor, in fact, that they're attempting a white out this year instead. While cool, FSU folks just can't seem to get it together. It should go better than the black out, however. Why? Because the opponent for the white out game is South Florida - whose colors happen to be white and green and whose fans have purchased an insane amount of tickets to the game. I'm on to you, FSU.

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