Aug 17, 2009

Woah, Indy

Well kids, it's official, I have a life again. Perhaps too much. For the first time since my move to Indy I double booked myself - for a Tri Delta dinner with my Valpo girls and a State Fair outing. Ooops! Luckily, my Fair buddy did the same thing. Regardless, it's nice to feel like I've found my niche here, even if it's a little overwhelming. Last week was packed, this week's the same and next week I'm on the road for a bit and then in town for a conference with several clients in town.

On the training front, I've hit the point where my body officially hates me. There was an ice bath over the weekend and my hamstrings felt terrible. Is it possible for them to snap? I'm pretty sure they were close. I'm stretching them daily now and hoping for some relief!

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Meghan said...

Classic Laura- super duper social!