Sep 17, 2009

Best Running Store in Indy!

Ok, I can't say I'm expert on the topic, but I'm pretty sure I've become a loyal customer of the best running store in Indianapolis! I actually wrote a Google review today because I was so impressed! If you're a seasoned runner or looking to get started - a trip to The Running Company is totally worth it. Luckily for me, the Broad Ripple location is very close - but there are several locations around town. Let me tell you my story...

Since my long distance running habit kicked back up again in in 2006, I've had this crazy blister that keeps popping up on the arch of my left foot. I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it - new socks, shoes, moleskin, bandaids, Body Glide - nothing worked. A little over a year ago, I was introduced to the Brooks Defyance and it was a dream come true! I made it 26.2 miles in Chicago without a single blister. Well, last fall Brooks made "cosmetic changes" to the shoe and now have the Defyance 2. Well, something in these changes has made the blister come back. Gross.

The big problem is that the crazy blister doesn't show up until I'm running 8 or 9+ miles - making it pretty impossible to predict if a shoe is going to be an issue. In comes The Running Company!

They have the most stellar return policy possible - wear them for two weeks and if they don't fit, we'll take them back for a refund or exchange (and you can wear them anywhere - not just on a treadmill like a lot of stores require). If you wear them up to four weeks, they'll still exchange them. How awesome is that??!! Last week, I purchased a new pair of Asics Landreth. Well, the blister popped up around mile 9 last weekend. So, I took them back - a bit worn and not looking perfect - and they honored their policy. I was so impressed! I walked out with another pair of Landreths - but this time we're going with a wide shoe - hoping the issue is that my foot is swelling the further I run and that's why this problem keeps happening. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this works - but if not, I know I can still take them back. It's a great, great feeling.

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Simple Creative Inspiration said...

I love this store!! Thanks for sharing!! Who doesn't want to buy local from an expert?!?