Sep 22, 2009

The Perfect Marathon Tank

I've been on the hunt for some time for the perfect running tank.  What makes the perfect running tank, you ask?  Well, here's my criteria:

1.  Pockets:  When I run I need to be able to carry my energy gels (sometimes up to 4 of them depending on the distance), Aquaphor (to use as chap stick or if something starts to chafe) and usually my car key. 
2.  Fitted, but not too fitted:  Let's be honest, I'm not the most toned individual out there.
3.  Holds its shape:  I don't want a shirt that's going to bounce around everywhere - especially if there are things in the pockets.
4.  Breathable:  I sweat, what can I say?

Over the last year, I've ordered several tanks - and returned several tanks.  For the Chicago marathon, I had a tank from Road Runner Sports, but I wrote my name on it for the race, so I look like a dork wearing it while I train.  They don't make that tank anymore, so I had to branch out. 

Well, I've finally found it.  If you're a runner and need the perfect marathon top, look no further.  Nike's Distance Long Airborne Tank is the best top I've found!  Seriously, buy it.  The other reviewers seem to love it too!

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