Sep 9, 2009

Wash your hands and don't cough on me

The swine flu is officially my enemy. If you followed my blog last year during training, you may recall that I got very sick about two weeks before my last marathon. I'm determined to not repeat that fate again this year. Every little tickle in my throat or need to blow my nose has me running for the Vitamin C and Airborne like you would not believe.

Keeping this in mind, this weekend could be interesting. My sweet friend and former roommate, Rachel, has recently come down with h1n1. Unfortunately, there are several of us that are supposed to meet up in Chicago this weekend for a half marathon, Rach included. Well, does anyone know how long swine flu is contagious?! Rachel seems to be feeling better and just might make the trip - but do the immune suppressed long distance runners (exercising more than 90 minutes does a number on ya!) need to stay away? The google jury seems to be out on this one.

Bring on the Purell!

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