Oct 5, 2009

Bring on the taper

It's finally here!  After 16 weeks of training and killing my poor legs, it's time to taper!  This time around, I decided to run two 20 mile long runs.  The first one was great.  The second one was fairly brutal.  My mile splits were right where I wanted them - but my legs were in some serious pain.  Even today - two days later - I'm still pretty sore.  I'm looking forward to getting in the pool later today and then probably the steam room at the gym to work them out a little bit. The combo of training and then sitting on planes every three or four days is just too much. 

Less than three weeks until marathon day!  I'm getting very excited for a few days in DC and to visit friends from FSU, Galesburg and Atlanta!  Until then - I'm trying to take it easy and get lots of sleep.  I have one more trip for work this week, and then I'm sticking close to home for a couple of weeks (in theory anyway).

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