Oct 21, 2009

Could this week be any longer?

This week is DRAGGING waiting for race day to get here.  Yesterday, I got my steroid injection and my leg seems to feel better.  I have some pain in the front of my leg that I'll be icing like crazy this week.  I'll be breaking out the foam roller repeatedly too.  I'd appreciate any and all prayers that I'm able to run on Sunday!

If you're interested in following along on race day, you can receive text message or e-mail updates signing up at:  http://live.activeresult.com/msg/MSG-signup.tcl?event_id=32

Just a small warning, during the Chicago Marathon this year, the tracking seemed to work for three of the people I followed, but not two of them.  Don't be freaked out if you stop getting updates.  I'll try to update the blog before the race and let you guys know what the final decision on running is!  Stay tuned!

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