Oct 19, 2009

Six days to go!

There are six days until race day and I haven't run more than five miles since October 5th.  Yikes!  I'm really hoping to get in a (painful) five miles today.  The meds from the doctor seem to be helping, but don't get rid of the pain completely.  I'm pretty determined today, so I'm hoping that will get me through!  It's also BEAUTIFUL outside, so that should give me a push too.  The doctor is going to do the injections tomorrow, so I won't be able to workout for two days after that.

I'm so ready to get to DC!  A couple of weeks ago, my sweet boyfriend, Eric, surprised me and told me he'd be coming along too.  That will make the weekend even better!  The race website has a suggested spectator map that will help him to hopefully see me at 5 or 6 places along the course. That should keep my mind off my leg a little bit too - I'll be on the lookout for him throughout the race.

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The Story of the Murphys said...

Good luck! Jeez you are dedicated! Try to have some fun in DC too!