Jan 6, 2010

Pain free!

Happy New Year! 

I'm very pleased to report that I'm starting 2010 with a pain free hip!  FINALLY!  I haven't put in crazy miles yet (I mean, it's FREEZING outside....who would?!), but my couple of miles on the treadmill have been great.  Plus, I've been doing the Biggest Loser workouts on the Wii and they're kicking my butt too.  I feel so much better already!  Sadly, the New Years Day run didn't happen.  There was just too much ice and snow on the ground in Illinois to get out on the road.  Plus, I think it got up to 3 degrees that day! 

Over the holiday I signed up for triathlon #2 for this summer.  It sounds like we'll have six people running it this year, so it should be a blast!  Mini marathon training starts in two weeks too, so there are some fun goals ahead this year.

Have a fantastic 2010!  I feel great about this year!

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Kimberlie said...

"mini" marathon...also known by those in the south as a half-marathon :)