Apr 1, 2011

Friday Wrap-up

I have so many different thoughts running through my head today and could easily break this into about 5 posts, but there just isn't time for that.  So, here's a Friday wrap-up for you.....

Last night, in my kitchen...
Gina over at skinnytaste.com just might be my new hero.  She has the best recipe ideas and lists of all the Weight Watcher Points Plus values for everything she makes.  Last night, I made this and it was amazing!  It will become a staple at our house (I didn't have mozzarella, so I made it with blue cheese - fantastic!).  I'm also obsessed with her recipe for Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili and Cloud Cookies

(P.S.:  I may just need need to start a monthly Cookbook Challenge like the fabulously corny LB over at A Step in the Journey.)

This weekend...
Eric and I are headed to Galesburg, IL to hang out with my mom for a couple of days.  Normally these trips revolve around eating at my favorite places from growing up - which includes eating a super cheesy soup, nachos, completely unhealthy spaghetti and so much more.  For some reason, I'm really not interested in all of that this trip and I'm looking forward to planning my weekend around our 7 mile long run at the lake instead.  There will, however, be a sweet reward.  Happy Joe's Taco Pizza!  I was beyond excited to find they now post nutritional information on their website and my all-time favorite "food from home" is only 6 points per slice.  If you're ever near one of those locations, you need to try it.  It's amazing!

And finally....Go Bulldogs!!!
I'm very bummed that we'll be missing all of the basketball excitement in Indy this weekend- but we will definitely be cheering on Butler in the Final Four!  Last year, we were fortunate enough to get to go to the NCAA Championship Game, only to watch a heartbreaking loss for the hometown team.  There is so much buzz around Indy and Bulter's repeat visit to the Final Four - it's been fun to follow.  To share a little of the Butler spirit with you, check on this story from the Indy Star about the city of Connersville, IN rallying support to send forward Matt Howard's family (mom, dad and 8 siblings) to Houston.  Also, if you're on Twitter, I highly recommend following Bulter's mascot, ButlerBlue2

Have a fantastic weekend! 


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great weekend! I'm glad that you dusted this blog off! I really enjoy keeping up with it!


Annie said...

Hey Girl! I'm so excited to see you blogging again- I'm WW too, gotta get my Eli weight off since I had Henry before it was gone :) Keep posting recipes, I'm always excited about new food!

Laura said...

Thank you both for your sweet comments! I'm enjoying blogging and I'll do my best to keep things rolling!