May 9, 2011

The Finish Line

Race day has come and gone and I’m proud to say that 13.1 miles is behind us!  Eric crossed the finish line and can officially call himself a half-marathoner!  No training can prepare you for running that kind of distance with 29,999 other runners (thanks to a really terrible corral at the start, we pretty much dodged people for 13.1 miles) or trying to get your stride back after having to wait 15 minutes for a bathroom 5 miles in, but we made it.  We’re both sore, but Eric’s mentioned a couple of times that he’ll take on another half in his future!  I have LOVED our weekend long runs together, so that is music to my ears.  I know every step after mile 8 was rough, so I am beyond proud of that kid!

Eric's ready to run!
As for me, I learned a couple of things.  1)  It was fun to run a race and not worry about my time.  I got to enjoy the (sometimes terrible) bands and people watch the whole time.  It was fantastic and I wasn’t worried about checking my watch every few minutes.  In fact, I forgot to stop my watch at the finish line!  2)  I was reminded why I am so hesitant to take on a full marathon again:  my stomach sucks!  I’m not worried about my legs during 26.2, but I am worried about my stomach.  I just don’t think it’s made for that kind of distance.  The half marathon is tough enough, but the cramping and worrying about a strict diet before long runs and the race might be too much for me.  I’ve never had any probably during either full marathon that I’ve run, but I have had some miserable training runs.  I love the challenge, but I’m just not sure it’s worth it – 13.1 might be my distance after all.  
My friend Sarah made this fabulous sign  

After a weekend of eating non-stop, I’m back on the Weight Watchers train today.  I’ve lost 16.2 pounds and my ultimate goal weight is within reach!    

Let me leave you with a couple of recipes I’ve tried of the last few days with great success.   Three are WW friendly – the other is just delish!

From my girl Gina (whom I’ve never actually met or corresponded with – but she’s my hero) over at I tried scones and deviled eggs (both awesome!).

Strawberry Scones:  I made 10 scones instead of 8 and they worked out to 3 points apiece.

Deviled Eggs:  I love, love, love deviled eggs.  Unfortunately, my hard boiling skills really suck and someone needs to teach me how to do them perfectly.  They weren’t pretty, but they were tasty. 

Two others that were winners…

Turkey Sausage Quiche:  I’ve made this a few times, but we made this for Eric’s mom for Mother’s Day yesterday.  This is 7 points per slice (cut into 8 slices) and prefect with a side of strawberries!  Target grocery had chicken sausage, but not turkey sausage (odd), so I made it with chicken this time around and it was great!

Key Lime Cupcakes:  I didn’t calculate the points, nor do I want to!  I really don’t want to calculate the points in the extra key lime frosting that we dipped graham crackers in.  Whatever…I ran 13.1 miles on Saturday!

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